• Tony Siragusa was on a few Bears' broadcasts in his post-playing career

    7 days ago - By WGN TV

    CHICAGO - Many around the National Football League spent Wednesday mourning the loss of one of the more charismatic personalities in the last generation of the league.
    JUST IN: Former lineman, NFL analyst Tony Siragusa dies at age 55 pic.twitter.com/9qRqYQ4aiy - WGN TV News June 22, 2022
    Tony Siragusa, who spent 12 seasons in the NFL, died on Wednesday at the age of 55 years old, and many took time to pay tribute to the former defensive tackle on social media.
    "The Goose squeezed 200 fun loving years into 55!! He was one of the most physically strongest players I have ever seen in 50...
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