• Federal judge blocks parts of Alabama law criminalizing gender-affirming care for trans youth

    8 days ago - By NY Daily News

    “This ruling means that parents of transgender children in Alabama will continue to be able to make the healthcare decisions that are best for their families. It is an extraordinary relief. Parents should not be punished for wanting to do what's best for their kids."
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  • Transgender Medication Law in Alabama Blocked by Judge

    8 days ago - By Time

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. - A federal judge on Friday blocked part of an Alabama law that made it a felony to prescribe gender-affirming puberty blockers and hormones to transgender minors.
    U.S. District Judge Liles Burke issued a preliminary injunction to stop the state from enforcing the medication ban, which took effect May 8, while a lawsuit goes forward. The ruling was a victory for families and advocacy groups who challenged the first-of-its-kind law as an illegal intrusion into family and medical decisions. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey referred to the ruling as a “temporary legal roadblock.”...
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  • Judge blocks Alabama's felony ban on transgender medication for minors

    8 days ago - By NBC News

    A federal judge blocked part of a newly enacted Alabama law that made it a felony for doctors to provide certain gender-affirming medical care to minors.
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  • A judge blocks part of an Alabama law that criminalizes gender-affirming medication

    9 days ago - By NPR

    The federal judge issued a preliminary injunction while a court challenge goes forward. The judge left in place other parts of the law that banned gender-affirming surgeries.
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