• Biden team, pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly condemn new Indiana abortion ban: ‘We will be forced to plan for more employment growth outside our home state'

    1 day ago - By Fortune

    The administration of President Joe Biden and one of Indiana's largest employers have condemned the state's new ban on abortions, with the White House calling it another extreme attempt by Republicans to trample women's rights.
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  • Eli Lilly Says Indiana Abortion Ban Will Spur It to Hire Outside Home State

    1 day ago - By Newsweek

    The state's new abortion laws restrict the procedure in almost every case, with some exceptions for life-threatening pregnancies, rape, or incest.
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  • Eli Lilly says Indiana's abortion law will lead the drugmaker to grow in other states

    1 day ago - By CNBC

    Eli Lilly, one of the biggest employers in Indiana, said that the state's newly passed restrictions on abortions will push it to grow away from its home turf.
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