• Fed up with lockdowns and high taxes, rapper 50 Cent joins the exodus from New York to mask-free Texas

    7 days ago - By RT

    After months of hinting at his frustrations with the high taxes and strict Covid-19 restrictions of the Big Apple, rapper Curtis ‘50 Cent' Jackson has joined the ranks of New Yorkers and Californians moving to Texas.
    “I love New York, but I live in Houston now,” 50 Cent said on Tuesday in Twitter and Instagram posts. “I'll explain later.”
    I Love NY, but i live in Houston now i'll explain later.🚦Green Light Gang 💣BOOM💥 pic.twitter.com/z6FAkAYwB4 - 50cent May 4, 2021
    The rapper has apparently followed through after teasing in March that he was “headed to Texas.” 50 Cent made that statement...
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