• People on Reddit are slamming a 200-square-foot San Diego 'shed' that rents for more than $1,000 a month, but it's just the latest example of America's unaffordable housing market

    9 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    A 200-square-foot studio in San Diego , California, was renting for $1,100 a month last week.
    The listing , recently reduced to $1,050 a month, was spotted by Redditors and posted on r/SanDiego, where many users slammed the unreasonably high asking price for the "shed."
    But according to a broker with the listing agency, JD Property Management and Realty , the unit's pricing is "not uncommon" and other units around the area are comparable.
    Indeed, in many areas across the country are facing a housing crisis , forcing many renters to consider renting $1,200 bunk beds , $2,000 single rooms in...
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