• Trump campaign spokesperson: He will concede if he loses

    Donald Trump campaign spokesperson Jason Miller said the Republican presidential candidate will concede if he loses the election fair and square. “Short of rampant, widespread voter fraud, of course, if the other candidate wins, we'll uphold that,” Miller told CNN's Jake Tapper on Wednesday ahead of the third presidential debate. “ I mean, that's - that's very clear. But again, our goal leading up to then is to make sure that we have ballot box integrity, voter integrity, and I think that's common sense. " Miller's comments come as Trump has been aggressively pushing his unsubstantiated...


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  • Kellyanne Conway Breaks With Donald Trump on Voter Fraud

    The Republican presidential candidate's campaign manager says she disagrees with one of the candidate's main recent talking points.


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  • Donald Trump's campaign manager said she doesn't believe there will be voter fraud

    Donald Trump's campaign manager said she doesn't believe there will be voter fraud

    Donald Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, seemed to walk back on Wednesday the Republican presidential nominee's unfounded claim that there will be widespread voter fraud on election day.
    Conway told MSNBC that she does see not evidence that states are rigging the election against Trump, though she asserted that there is a "larger conspiracy, larger collusion" between "some specific members of the media and the Clinton campaign."
    "Absent overwhelming evidence that there is, it would not be for me to say that there is," Conway said.
    She added: "Donald Trump is reading reports about...


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