• Howie Carr: Lobbyists laughing all the way to the bank

    1 day ago - By Boston Herald

    It must suck to be Salvatore Francis DiMasi, the jailbird ex-House speaker who's back on the front page again at the age of 76.
    He's a lobbyist, don't you know, and if his advanced age would seem to put him on the back nine, it doesn't, at least not by State House lobbying standards.
    Ex-Sen. Wacky Jackie Brennan of Malden, who's a month younger than Sal, made $280,000 last year, according to his filing with the secretary of state.
    How about ex-Lt. Gov. Tommy O'Neill, who was last elected to the Legislature in 1972? He's 77 and he reported $350,000 in income in 2021.
    Then there's Sal. He...
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