• LOOK: Von Miller is recruiting Kirk Cousins, might be stalking his social media

    One year ago - By CBS Sports

    Von Miller seems pretty determined to get Kirk Cousins to sign with the Broncos
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  • Von Miller's latest recruiting pitch for Kirk Cousins involves cereal and rainbows

    One year ago - By The Washington Post

    The Broncos linebacker hopes Cousins's rainbow ends in Denver with a pot of Cracklin' Oat Bran.
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  • Von Miller continues to recruit Kirk Cousins

    One year ago - By NBC Sports

    Von Miller continues to recruit Kirk Cousins to Denver. During Super Bowl week, the Broncos linebacker said the quarterback is just what Denver needs to “take us over the edge.” Miller now has started a social-media campaign, taking his recruiting efforts directly to Cousins. Cousins posted a photo on Instagram showing two different kinds of
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