• Andrew Yang's Chances of Becoming New York City Mayor, According to Bookmakers

    8 days ago - By Newsweek

    Ladbrokes gives the technology entrepreneur 2-1 odds to win the mayoral contest, with Scott Stringer following behind at 3-1, Eric Adams at 4-1, Ray McGuire at 6-1 and Maya Wiley at 10-1.
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  • Andrew Yang kicks off NYC mayoral run with basic income promise

    8 days ago - By Al Jazeera

    The tech entrepreneur and vocal advocate of universal basic income officially declared his run for New York City mayor.
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  • Andrew Yang announces $1bn universal basic income & ‘TikTok hype houses' in his bid to become NYC mayor

    Andrew Yang announces $1bn universal basic income & ‘TikTok hype houses' in his bid to become NYC mayor

    8 days ago - By RT

    Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang has officially launched his campaign to become New York City's mayor, with a flashy video and some very bold promises.
    “Seeing my city the way it is now breaks my heart,” Yang says in his first campaign video, which was directed by acclaimed ‘Requiem for a Dream' filmmaker Darren Aronofsky.
    I moved to New York City 25 years ago. I came of age, fell in love, and became a father here. Seeing our City in so much pain breaks my heart.
    Let's fight for a future New York City that we can be proud of - together. Join us at pic.twitter.com/n9zxPybgbh...
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  • Andrew Yang announces run for NYC mayor

    8 days ago - By NBC News

    The former presidential candidate proposes a cash relief program for the city to help recover from the pandemic.
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  • Andrew Yang is running for New York City mayor

    8 days ago - By Times Union

    ALBANY - Andrew Yang, who built a Democratic presidential campaign out of a promise to give every American $1,000 a month, announced Wednesday that he will run for mayor of New York City. Yang, 46 and an entrepreneur who founded the Venture for America nonprofit, ran a viral but ultimately failed campaign for the 2020 Democratic nomination. Now he hopes to parlay his fame from that run into becoming mayor of America's largest city. On his website, where the first heading simply says, “Why,” Yang writes that the campaign was inspired by his love for New York City - where he moved when he...
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