• Amazon tried to fool the tech in its new cashier-less store with people dressed in Pikachu costumes

    One year ago - By Business Insider

    Amazon is on the cusp of opening its high-tech cashier-less store.
    It even tested the tech with people wearing Pikachu costumes, and it was successful.
    The store's tech struggled with large groups, however.
    In a bizarre twist, it's the Pikachus that were doing the choosing in a test for Amazon's new cashier-less store.
    According to a new report by Bloomberg , it's almost go-time for the cashier-less store called Amazon Go. Customers scan their Amazon app as they walk in. The store uses cameras and sensors embedded in shelves to track what customers pick up, then charges them for what they...
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  • Not Even Pokemon Costumes Can Fool Amazon's Cashier-Free Store

    Not Even Pokemon Costumes Can Fool Amazon's Cashier-Free Store

    One year ago - By Fortune

    Amazon's cashier-free stores can catch thieves even if they're hiding in a Pokemon costume, according to a new report.
    In a recent attempt to fool sensors and cameras that identify when someone is trying to buy products at an Amazon Go marketplace, some of the company's employees dressed in bright yellow Pikachu costumes, according to Bloomberg. As the people picked up sandwiches and drinks in feigned hope of not getting caught, Amazon was able to identify who they were and charge their Amazon accounts for their purchases, Bloomberg's sources said.
    Amazon Go is an ambitious attempt by the...
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