• Trump Strikes Deal With Carrier To Keep Jobs In U.S

    One year ago - By NPR

    Carrier says it will keep about 1,000 jobs in Indiana instead of shifting production to Mexico. Donald Trump repeatedly singled out Carrier during his campaign and made stopping the move a priority. Now there is great interest in how Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence persuaded the company to reverse its decision.
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  • Trump's 'Interventionist Approach' To Economic Policy Presents Consequences

    One year ago - By NPR

    In light of Trump's deal with Carrier to keep jobs in the U.S., NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to Edward Alden, senior fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations and author of Failure to Adjust: How Americans Got Left Behind in the Global Economy , about the consequences of federal government intervention in the private sector.
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  • Indiana official: Carrier deal is about federal contracts

    One year ago - By Politico

    The deal that President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence brokered to keep Carrier jobs in Indiana likely hinges on its parent company's fear about losing business with the federal government, said an official who will play a critical role in approving the deal. Trump and Pence will visit Indiana on Thursday to announce they've delivered on a campaign promise to keep about 1,000 factory jobs from moving to Monterrey, Mexico. The agreement reportedly includes $700,000 in state tax breaks offered by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, a quasi-public entity that...
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  • Donald Trump Makes Deal To Keep Carrier From Moving Jobs To Mexico!

    One year ago - By FOX News

    Inauguration Day is still weeks away and Donald Trump is already fulfilling campaign promises! Carrier now says it won't be moving a plant to Mexico after all. That means nearly 1,000 jobs will be staying in Indiana!
    This is how the bad news delievered back in February:
    Even his critics are calling this a HUGE symbolic victory for the President-elect. How did he do it? And could this start a trend?
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  • China to Trump: Good luck bringing jobs back to U.S

    One year ago - By CNN Money

    Hours after Trump's Carrier deal to keep factory jobs in the U.S. was announced, a top Chinese newspaper published an article headlined: 'China would benefit from Trump's effort to bring manufacturing jobs back to U.S.'
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  • How Donald Trump Sealed the Deal to Keep Carrier Jobs in the U.S

    One year ago - By Fortune

    Even before becoming Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump has become negotiator-in-chief, as illustrated by the deal he struck with air conditioning manufacturer Carrier .
    A source close to the company said President-elect Trump called Greg Hayes, CEO of Carrier's parent company United Technologies , two weeks ago and asked him to rethink the decision to close the Carrier plant in Indiana.
    Hayes explained that the jobs were lower-wage and had high turnover, and the move was necessary to keep the plant competitive, according to the source. He said the plan would save the company $65 million a...
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