• Nightly News Full Broadcast

    9 days ago - By NBC News

    Tiger Woods suffers multiple leg injuries in horrific car accident, former U.S. Capitol police chief says he never received warning of riots, and Congress presses vaccine makers about if they will meet promised targets.
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  • Obama and Trump Express Optimism About Tiger Woods' Return to Golf After Car Crash

    9 days ago - By Newsweek

    Tiger won his 82 PGA tournaments and 15 major championships through a span of four U.S. presidents. But Obama and Trump agreeing on something is pretty rare.
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  • Trump Shows More Urgency Responding To Tiger Woods' Car Crash Than The U.S. Capitol Attack

    9 days ago - By Politicus USA

    Donald Trump quickly crawled out from under his Mar-a-Lago rock on Tuesday when the news broke of Tiger Woods' car accident.
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