• Not A Hack: U.S. Office Of Government Ethics Tweets At Trump

    One year ago - By NPR

    In an odd sequence of events, the federal ethics watchdog praised Trump in a series of snarky tweets for allegedly deciding to divest his businesses - something he hasn't specifically promised.
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  • U.S. Ethics Dept. Tweets Approval Of Trump

    One year ago - By CBS

    WASHINGTON - The federal government's ethics office has tweeted congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump for a “total divestiture” that he has not promised.
    The U.S. Office of Government Ethics tweeted Wednesday, “We can't repeat enough how good this total divesture will be.” Under divestiture, an incoming federal official can sell off massive investments, defer paying capital gains and house the proceeds in Treasury bonds or diversified mutual funds.
    But Trump has not confirmed that he will turn over any assets as part of a divestiture. In his own tweetstorm Wednesday, Trump said...
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