• The Fierce Reaction to Trump's Cabinet Picks

    One year ago - By Bloomberg

    After Donald Trump ridiculed Wall Street on the campaign trail, the President-elect tapped former Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin to be his Treasury secretary and billionaire investor Wilbur Ross to lead the Commerce Department. Trump even met with Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn inside Trump Tower. Bloomberg's Ramy Inocencio has
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  • Goldman Sachs Investors Love Donald Trump's Treasury Pick

    One year ago - By Fortune

    Donald Trump hasn't always appeared to be the biggest fan of Goldman Sachs . But recently, Goldman Sachs investors have been really big fans of Donald Trump.
    Shares of the investment banking giant soared 4% in trading Wednesday, closing at levels the stock hasn't seen since December 2007 as the president-elect's Treasury pick, Steven Mnuchin, said he would do away with a major headache for Wall Street.
    “So we want to strip back parts of Dodd-Frank that prevent banks from lending, and that will be the number one priority on the regulatory side,” Mnuchin told CNBC Wednesday . “The number one...
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