• Eovaldi turned dream October into big contract

    5 monthes ago - By MLB

    Nathan Eovaldi and the Red Sox came to terms on a new four-year, $68 million contract on Thursday, which means 2018 ends so much better for the right-hander than it began; it ends with him as one of the best and most important baseball stories of the year. This isn't just about the beauty of baseball. It is really about the beauty of sports, as long as you keep showing up.
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  • Nathan Eovaldi made sense for Red Sox

    5 monthes ago - By Boston Herald

    The Red Sox made a large investment in a pitcher with two Tommy John surgeries, 44 career wins and a 4.15 ERA.
    Signing the 29-year-old right-hander Nathan Eovaldi to a four-year deal worth $68 million this week, the Sox placed a big bet on Eovaldi's breakout performance in 2018.
    But they had other reasons to make sure Eovaldi stayed in Boston:
    1. They'll really need him in 2020.
    It's not that 2019 isn't just as important. Actually, it's more important, given it's the best chance the Red Sox have at another title before the core starts to rapidly dissemble. But even without Eovaldi, the Sox...
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